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Pomp and Circumstance

That's a wrap. I am now a preschool graduate. I'm not really sure what I'm getting myself into.


Donuts for Dads

On Friday, we had a special "Donuts for Dads" breakfast at school. Trent and I both made paperweights with our pictures on it. I also filled out a form on Dad which included "My Dad's job is: conference calls" and "I love Dad because he is nicer than Mommy."

It was a very hot weekend. We went to the pool twice and to see the movie "Inside Out." Trent and I are really starting to enjoy the pool more. I used to not like it. I love playing with Mommy's snorkel.

On Father's Day we had ice cream for lunch and took Daddy to Firebird's for dinner.

Trent is progressing with potty training. Mommy is going through lots of disinfecting wipes and laundry. He gets to the potty, but misses it. Tonight Mommy got a surprise Trent shower.


Moving Up

Big milestones for me!

Yesterday I moved up to the big boy room at school. I'm now in a room with a loft in it. There's no changing table, only potties. I've been making great progress using potties. Mommy is surprised how much easier I am at it. I've had some accidents which means more laundry for Mommy. Yesterday I had an accident at school. My teacher had to call Mommy to bring me another pair of shoes. Today was perfect though! I'm mastering number 1 and number 2 equally. Some kids perfect number 1, but struggle with number 2.

On Saturday we were supposed to go camping with friends, but Mommy has been sick. We decided to just go for a few hours. We met our friends at the lake. I had a lot of fun playing in the waves. We went to our friend's campsite for dinner and grilled hot dogs and s'mores. Then we went home. Next time I am looking forward to staying overnight.

It is very hot - like 100 during the day. Whew!


Open Houses

Last week we started a community ed kids play class on Tuesday nights. At first I clung to Mommy but then I got into it. It is for 3 to 6 year olds so for the first time Alden and I can take the same class. We did a race and Alden won. He was very proud of himself and kept repeating that he was the fastest.

On Friday night we ate dinner out. We enjoyed running around the patio and playing with some games that were out by the pizza place next door. Alden saw his friend Kylie was there. He enjoyed running around with her while I threw bean bags and played a giant connect four type game. Alden told Mommy and Daddy that "Kylie gives good back rubs."

We went to 3 graduation parties this weekend (Carson, Miss Kate, and Luke). We really enjoyed getting into the desserts. The most fun I had was playing in the pond behind Luke's house. Sticking a bamboo stick into the muck was wonderful. We even saw frogs.

We have a tent now. Alden fell asleep on the ride to Dick's. For most …

Uno, Dos, Tres

I'm three! This is the first year I've really understood that a birthday is special. I kept telling people in my class (and anyone who would listen) that my birthday was coming.

On my birthday I got up early and asked for my presents. Alden wrapped them in Christmas paper and hid them for me. We went to Outback just as I asked for lunch, but then I didn't touch my food. When we got home we had digger cake. I had more fun making a mess of it than eating it.

Alden decorated my room with streamers.

Today I didn't cry at swim class and Mommy even caught me smiling.