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White, Wonderful, Second Christmas

What a great time I've been having. I'm always busy, but this week has been especially action packed. On Wednesday Mom and I went back to Marbles Museum to play. On Thursday Mom and Dad both had off work so they took me to this place called Hopper's House to make a mess there. I got to play in a blue "moon sand" sandbox and have Dad help me dunk a basketball.

Friday was Christmas Eve. Grandma and Grandpa Stafford, Aunt Sue, Uncle Rob, and Cousin Trevor came over for dinner. I got to eat in the dining room for the first time. While everyone ate their bacon wrapped pork loin, I munched away on oranges and carrots. Aunt Sue and Cousin Trevor had fun calling me "DUDE!" I was so tired by the end of the evening.

On Christmas Day we went over to Aunt Sue, Uncle Rob, and Cousin Trevor's house. I got to open lots of awesome toys there: a drum, a loud trumpet, crayons, a recycle truck, and more.  The highlight was getting my own battery powered 4 wheeler. I&…

Milestones - A Review

Greetings all. We had some rain, snow, and a bit of slipperly roads on Thursday. Mom took a snow day from work so we got an extra day to hang out.  Thankfully Dad was able to make it back from California. We visited the Children's Museum, Marbles, in Raleigh on Friday. It sure is nice to go somewhere where I can go crazy and get into everything. The house was buzzing with Christmas preparation over the rest of the weekend: baking, decorating the tree, card making, wrapping trees and bushes with lights outside (4,700 lights currently), and hanging the stockings.

Oh - and I got a cool new frog pull toy on Saturday. He hops!

I still don't like milk. I get really upset when someone tries to sneak me some. I drink drinkable yogurt instead.

Here's a progress report on some of my developmental milestones...

Walking - been doing that since 11 months. I'm getting really fast now. Especially in stores or around breakables.
Feeds Himself with Spoon - I'm working getting fed…

Ball Crawl

Hi there - I'm sorry it has been so long. The family and I have been busy. In late November Mom got sick with a cold, we celebrated Thanksgiving, and Grandma and Grandpa Stafford arrived. This month we saw our first snowfall of the season and Mom and Dad helped out with the Cary Jaycees Cary Christmas Parade. I was going to go, but it rained so I stayed home. Next year though!

On Friday Mom and I went to the science museum in Durham. I had a lot of fun pointing at the birds in the butterfly house (the butterflies themselves didn't really do it for me) and going down the slide in the toddler play area (backwards and frontwards --- all by myself!). While Mom was working the parade on Saturday I played with Grandma while Dad and Grandpa put up some Christmas lights. It's about time. A lot of our neighbors have their lights up already. Somebody even has a funky leg lamp in their window.

Mom and Dad hooked me up with a bag of balls from Target. Did you know Pack N Plays also …


Hi all - something wonderful happened on Sunday. I've told you before that I hate being strapped down in my car seat only to be forced to stare at the seat in front of me. Finally Mom and Dad upgraded me to a more roomy forward facing car seat! What a great surprise. I clapped the first time I rode in it. I like staring at the gadgets on the dashboard and all the lights at night are really cool.

We went to James' first birthday party on Sunday. Everyone brought something to put in a time capsule that he will get to open 18 years from now. We brought him two Mac magazines so he can laugh at the primitive technology of 2010.


Cupboard Exploring

Things are back to normal - I'm well past my stomach bug now. I erupted a new bottom tooth last week. I now have 8 teeth in my bright smile.

One of my favorite hobbies is cupboard exploring. First I open the cupboard. Then I take most of the objects out before moving to the next door or drawer. Sometimes I even carry my findings around the house. I'm still after the elusive china hutch. I get stopped everytime I get near it, except for over the weekend I got a head start and broke my first plate. Milestone!

Last Saturday we went to a new toy store. I had lots of fun pulling stuff off the shelves. I dumped over a cup of markers and then clapped for myself. I'm funny!

On Sunday we boarded the Klem "party van" and headed up to Elianna's to help her celebrate her 1st birthday. I love a good party. There was new toys to get into and CAKE!

Hanging with the birthday girl

Unintended consequence of cup training

Not So Great Second Halloween

I am very proud to say that I was never sick my first year. My second year? Well, that's a different story. The very day after my birthday, I came down with a stomach bug. I don't like it at all. As if that wasn't enough, the nurse at the weekend pediatrician's office called me Aiden.

I'm almost over the bug now but it did put a damper on my Halloween. I didn't enjoy the pumpkin carving party for the Jaycees on Friday. I missed my friend Megan's party on Saturday.  I slept through most of trick-or-treating.

On a happier note, I enjoy driving around the neighborhood in my new blue truck. Beep, beep, I'm on my way! I also love watching airplanes and making the airplane sign when one flies over.

Being Birthday Boy is hard work.
This photo was not posed.
All he needs now is the kickin' speakers and the neon underbody kit.
Scary bones. /Aiden Stratford

Monster Mash!

Hello all! It's my birthday! I'll be officially one in just a few hours (7:31 a.m.). I totally partied like it was my birthday ALL weekend. Grandma Linda came down to see me. On Friday we went to a pumpkin farm to take some pictures. I enjoyed laughing at the goats. I also got to eat cake during the pictures. That was awesome. I LOVE cake.

Saturday was my Monster Mash party at The Little Gym. I've included some pictures below for your viewing pleasure. I am very thankful for all the wonderful friends I have made this year.

After the party I took a spin in the wagon Grandma and Grandpa Stafford got for me. On Sunday I helped Mom and Dad put up some Halloween lights and pick out some more pumpkins. They keep talking about carving them. I'm looking forward to this weekend to see what all that is about.

The gang got this party started!
Alden loved being in the middle of the parachute.
There was plenty of bubbles and cameras (Aunt Sue working the video).
A cake that says GRR…

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Everywhere!

Hello out there. I've been very busy lately. This month I took two trips, one to Michigan to see family and the other to New England to enjoy fun Fall and Halloween activities. Here's a summary of my many adventures in pictures. We had fun, but it's so good to be back in my own crib!

October Birthday Boys - Alden with his Great Grandfather (Alden upset his nap was delayed). Chesaning, MI.
The best pumpkin farm we found, Johnson's. Saginaw, MI.
Remote and Oreos - Makings for a relaxing evening. Warwick, RI.
But it was already leaning! Salem, MA.
Too tired to count pumpkins. Keene, NH.
Mmmm, doughnuts! Burlington area, VT.
Alden's first ice cream experience. Waterbury, VT.
Working on his learner's permit. Boston, MA.


First Haircut

Alden realizes they can't reattach the hair that's been cut.
 Well, I'm switching it up.  After having hair styled after my cousin Nick, I'm going for a bit more of a Trevor look these days.  This week I experienced my first haircut and I'm in no rush to do it again.  They screwed me out of the relaxing scalp massage that Dad says is great.  Mom said she gets a nice beverage with her cut.  All I got were some stale animal crackers !   I guess it beats having Mom chop at me with Dad's electric razor/trimmer.  I don't think I was helping their marketing department voicing my displeasure while I got my lovely locks trimmed nice and short for my 1-year-old pictures that are coming up.
I had a busy weekend - wait till you hear about the farm we visited ! - I'll need to talk Mom into letting me use the computer again so I can share more pics from that - it was WAY BETTER than the hair cut shop.
Now - where did my styling gel go ? -Alden

Partying Our Way Out of September

Hello all! I had another great weekend. On Saturday morning mom and I went to a stroller fitness class. I love helping to be a personal trainer for Mom. I think that it is funny that she needs to push me around in all this heat.

Later that evening, we went to an Oktoberfest party. For some reason, there was some bouncer keeping me and my friends away from one end of the deck. I wonder what those crazy grown-ups were hiding. I ate lots of cheese spaetzle, deviled eggs, and watermelon.

Today we went to Brady and Cody's birthday party at the Little Gym. I did a great job sitting at the table and eating cake. I missed part of the party because I was taking an uber nap. Miss Kelly made all the guests really cool capes for favors. In the evening, we joined Brendan and Paige's family out for Greek. We really know how to rock a restaurant.

 Baby goes tp'ing.
 Loving the baby swing.

 After putting Mom through her workout.

 Monster drool.
 Super Birthday! L to R: A guest, Colin, Cody, a…

Fast as fast can be, you'll never catch me!

It's your favorite pre-tod Alden here with my latest report from the school of learning to walk. - I refuse to be caught on camera, but as the folklore goes - I've been seen taking up to as many as 6 steps on my own.   I love how every time I act like I'm going to take some steps, Mom or Dad goes running for the Flip camera to record it. - ha! That's hillarious, when I see that I know I'll need to go back to my old tricks of bear-crawling or at most pushing my cars around the hosue.

I'm not going to ~stop draggin my car around~
(Weird Al - 1983)
Till next time -

I Lead a Life of Messes

Dirty deeds done dirt cheap
Dirty deeds done dirt cheap
Dirty deeds and they're done dirt cheap, yeah
Poopy diapers
Crumbled magazines
Overturned baskets
Done dirt cheap
Ooo, drooly bibs
Wires yanked
Remote controls
Done dirt cheap, eah

Alden at work.

My Last First Holiday

Hey out there! Happy Labor Day! Labor Day is special because it is the last of my first holidays. I really enjoyed that Mom and Dad had an extra day to hang out with me.

I'm still doing a bit of standing and a few steps here and there. Mom and Dad haven't been able to catch me on video yet. I'm just not ready to share my work-in-progress with the world yet.

Mom let me play in her car. I knew exactly what to since I've been practicing with my toy car. She got a chuckle when she started the car the next day - the brights and wipers were on. If I just had some pedal extenders I'd be able to take the family for a ride. We played in Dad's car while he was cleaning the garage yesterday. For some reason Mom freaked out when I put some bite marks on Dad's door. Hello! I explore the world with my mouth!

Mom tried the Cheerio trick today. I'm still not very interested in feeding myself. Mallory loved it though. Most of the Cheerios on my tray went in her belly!

10 Months!

I'm into double digits now! I turned 10 months on Friday. Mom took me to get my pictures done. The photographer was really funny tossing stuffed animals around. In the afternoon I went over to Megan's house. We chilled up in her awesome playroom. Zander came over too. He's already one and walking.

On Saturday I went to Brendan's Star Wars birthday party. Mom and I shared a cookie. Dad was  really impressed how big my bites are already. I was a big boy, sitting proud at the kid table.

At 10 months I enjoy: pulling wires, chasing cats, putting heat registers out of their holes, unraveling toilet paper, putting everything in my mouth, playing peak-a-boo, pulling up on and wiggling baby gates, banging on things with my hands (for example, windows and toilet seat covers), wrinkling magazines,  drooling, pulling things out of drawers and cabinets, pushing and pulling things off shelves, and climbing stairs.

I dislike: diaper changes, getting my hair washed, the sound of a…

My Party Weekend

What a great weekend I had! On Friday, Mom took me to a playdate at Miss Nicole’s house. It was wild and I mean really wild. You know how it is when you have 6 kids under 5 and a cat in the same room. There were lots of toys and chaos. I enjoyed chasing that cat! Of course it wouldn’t be a tot party without lots of crying and a pee-pee pants accident (not me, silly, I still wear dipes).

On Saturday I attended my first Pig Pickin’ at Conner’s house. It was good to get together with the Baby Steps gang again. We turned the living room into a baby mosh pit. Things are a lot more interesting when we get together now, as we are on solids and some of us are crawling. There was the typical party stuff: drooling, diaper changes, and spilled drinks. I enjoyed eating fruit from the buffet table. For some reason, Mom didn’t share any of her rum cake. The parents tried to get a picture of us lined up on the couch, but we weren’t too cooperative. What else would they expect from babies that can ro…