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Traveling Teddy

Alden got to bring home Traveling Teddy (TT) from school home for the weekend. He started out very excited about it, but by the end of the weekend got bored of Mommy and Daddy taking pictures of him.

We took TT bowling (Alden's idea), to dinner in downtown Durham (Cuban), grocery shopping, and to see "Planes 2." Planes 2 was my first movie theater movie. I sat perfectly through the whole thing. Trucks, planes, helicopters, and fires - I give it two thumbs up.

We all know Alden has some trouble getting to sleep at night. Sometimes he keeps getting out of bed. Of course at night he is the sweetest kid.  Last week Mommy was in the office on the computer after 10 p.m. and Alden went up there because he couldn't sleep and started dusting the floors. Me? I know better. I like my crib.

Speaking of cribs, Mommy and Daddy are in no hurry to kick me out. I still like it and I don't climb out yet so why bother. I take two books to bed, and many mornings I like to lay around…

What's Sop?

Trent continues to be interested in potties. He sat on the potty (his teachers call it SOP) at school twice today. Typically he asks to SOP after going in his dipe, but the grown ups seem to think it is a big deal. He also likes to put our fire fighter action figures on the potty in our toy fire station. Mommy gets the biggest kick out of that.

Trent will also comfort those crying by patting their back. Here is Trent giving me a backrub while I was having a dinner time melt down because Daddy was making me sit my my chair and eat.

Mommy and Daddy get cranky during most meals, because most meals Trent and I keep them on their toes with whining about the food, getting up and down, crazy demands, and crying for no apparent reason.


I'm so Messy You Already Know

I was complaining that it was cold today. Mommy and Daddy think I'm crazy. It was in the 70s and they are loving it. Today we went for a family bike ride. Trent and I rode in a bike trailer.

Mommy bought a fish tank. She is very excited about it and dragged us to 3 pet stores this weekend to look at fish stuff. She cannot actually set it up until the stand she ordered gets here in a few weeks.

We are already putting up Halloween decorations. Mommy has broken one ornament, Mallory one, and Trent two.

Trent won't touch veggies, but he'll eat dog food. Today he was crying trying to get into the dog food bin, crying "I wanta eat it," "help please," and "need it." He is crazy!


Back to School

Trent and I have started at our new school. Last week was our first week. Mommy has been really proud of how well I've done. I haven't cried or had any meltdowns. I do complain a lot that they have nap time though. Really?! I haven't napped in years at home and here they go tricking me into sleeping. I make up for it by protesting bedtime at night.This is my last year of preschool before kindergarten next year.

This week we are learning about community helpers. Later in the week a fire fighters with their truck are going to come visit us!

Mommy thinks it is interesting that my teacher was born in 1991. She was in high school then. It's all ancient history to me.

My school has a Smart Board, a loft, a gym, and a playground.

Trent is having a rougher time. When we get to the parking lot he starts to cry. He usually asks Mommy to "go home." He's been taking his green blanket with him for comfort. Mommy and Daddy haven't gotten a picture of him yet beca…

Labor Day Weekend 2014

What a HOT Labor Day weekend we had. Mommy and Daddy took us to the mall playground so we could play in air conditioned comfort. On Sunday we had a pool party with some friends. Best of all we had pizza there.

Trent LOVES to use the kid sized grocery cart at the grocery store. He runs and has the biggest smile on his face. Mommy couldn't get a good picture because he was moving too fast.

Big news! Today Trent went pee-pee in the Elmo potty for the first time. He got A LOT of attention for that. I think he just got lucky. That kid has a lot to learn still.