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Fun in California

Last week we followed Daddy to California. Mommy and Daddy still worked. Trent went to on-site preschool at Mommy's work. He did really well. No fussing at all at. I rotated between going to work with Mom and then Dad.

 No school today. Too much ice.

In no order, here's some memories from our trip. 


New Ride

We have a new (used) ride and the coolest thing is it is the same year as me!


Christmas 2015 Highlights

Here is a short recap of Christmas 2015.

In the morning on Christmas Eve, we had brunch with Santa. It was a good chance to get in last minute requests. That evening, we hosted dinner for the Stafford side. On Christmas Day we went to Aunt Sue's house.

Mommy's side came to visit the following week.

Everyone was sad to go back to school and work!


Happy 2016

Sorry, we've been so busy with Christmas and being on break from school we forgot to post on our blog! We'll have to catch you up on Christmas later.

We had a fun New Year's Eve. On the 30th we headed over to Great Wolf Lodge. We wore ourselves out in the pool that evening. The next day, New Year's Eve, we drove home and went to a party with the Dinner Club kids. We made a mess, decorated cookies, ate pizza, and had fireworks!

On New Year's Day we went to see Star Wars. I really like popcorn at movies. Mommy covered my eyes for part of it. My favorite is Darth Vader. I like the bad guys best.