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Parks and Rec

We went to the dentist on Thursday. To celebrate no cavities, we went to Pullen Park. It was great to go on a weekday!

Today we went to the science museum and checked out the new Hideaway Woods play area.

We are enjoying the cooler weather.

There was a blood moon today, but the weather was too cloudy to see it. Mom and Dad let us sleep.


A Tale of Two Cities

This weekend Trent and Daddy stayed home. Mommy and Alden went to Michigan.


Halloween Season Begins!

On Friday we traveled to a suburb of Charlotte. Mommy was registered for a 5K which started early in the morning. Alden and I enjoyed watching cartoons in the car on the way there.

We slept in while Mommy ran her race. She came back with a pumpkin (she had to run with it) and some medals. Alden and I had fun planning with them. Alden wrote all over Mommy's pumpkin with a pen and she got really mad.

We then went to Discovery Kids, a children's museum. We stayed there for hours! I took Traveling Teddy in with me. Teddy is a bear who belongs to my preschool. We take turns taking him on the weekends to go on adventures.

Today we got our hair cut again. Alden hates it. I don't mind it. Mommy and Daddy had to both be in the booth with Alden. I was cool on my own.

We also took Teddy out on the lake. The weather is great. Finally cooling down here.


Run Trent, Run!

We had a great weekend. It was Labor Day so we all had Monday off too!

On Saturday we took a boat ride with the dogs and then went on an island. At first I was upset because I wanted to go fishing. The dogs LOVED running around on the island and in the water. I enjoyed digging in the sand. Trent enjoyed running around naked. We found some huge clam shells. After island time we did fish for a bit, but didn't catch anything. We have a lot to learn about fishing. We had to get off the water in a hurry. A scary thunderstorm rolled in.

Trent likes to go running with Mommy.

On Sunday we went to the Museum of Life and Science. We spent most of our time at the fossil dig and in the sand box.

We are into Star Wars. We watched the first two movies this weekend. We are going to watch them all.


The Great Outdoors

On Saturday night we had our first backyard sleepover adventure. Mommy, Trent, Mallory and I stayed in the tent. Daddy went back in the house because he said it was too 'stuffy'. We'll get him next time.

On Sunday we went out on Uncle Bob's boat. We went fishing, but nothing was biting. We have a lot to learn about fishing.