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Sliding out of February

Mom and Dad have been helping me on the slide when we visit parks. This weekend they let me slide down by myself (with careful watching for safety). It's so fun. Check out my video below. I can climb the ladder too.

Tonight I impressed the 'rents by selecting the correct key for the car on the keychain and putting it in the ignition. Sure it was hanging out a bit, but that was a lot of work for me!

I continue to make choices for myself. Most days I refuse to get in the highchair. I hate being trapped. I have a booster seat option at home. On Saturday we went to Baba Ganoush for lunch. I refused the highchair and I sat right on the regular chair. So what if I couldn't see well! I was sitting like everyone else!

Wee! /Alden

Color Crazy

This month I am taking an art class on Mondays called Color Crazy. Last week we made a paper windsock. I scribbled on it with markers and Mom did the stapling. Today we painted a box. It was my first experience ever with paint. I wasn't too keen on how it felt on my hands. The class is only 30 minutes which is a good thing since I cannot focus very long in an exciting colorful classroom.

It is really cool to hang out at a place that is ok with mess making and painting the table!

PS - Spring is coming. Today on the way to class we saw cherry blossoms, early daffodils, and forsythia. Mom is very excited that the daffodils she planted in the fall are starting to come up.

Going crazy with color.
Fish lips and painting go together.

This Weekend Sponsored by the Letter "V"

"V" is for visitor. We had several wonderful visitors this weekend. On Thursday I finally got to meet the famous Jaycee, Sarah. Sarah has been living in Korea since I was born, but she knows a lot about me. We went to a big party for her at a Mexican resturant where I got to try my first virgin margarita (mango).  My aunts Jenny and Katie also came down to play for the weekend. I had lots of fun showing off at my swim class to aunt Jenny. They also came with me to the science museum in Durham where they accompanied me on my first train ride.

"V" is for victim. Mallory v. monster rabbit. Mallory victorious.

"V" is for vacuum. Vacuuming must sure be important because an awful lot of it goes on around here. I have my own vacuum now, so I'm able to help.

"V" is for value. I love going to Sam's Club and helping to pick out the best values.

Visiting with Sarah.
Alden's first train ride.
Vroom-vroom, vacuum!

Yup - this is the best value!

I Love Pizza

On Friday, Dad and I got to have a "Two Dudes" night (We borrowed that term from Uncle Rob and Cousin Trevor). Mom was off at some Egyptian drawing class. Two Dudes night is celebrated with pizza.

I have fallen in love with pizza. No need to cut it into small pieces, I can handle it whole.

I liked it so much that on Saturday I pointed and grunted at the refrigerator until it was opened for me and then I pointed and grunted at the box that contained the savory leftovers. No need to reheat!

No crust though - I like to drop those on the floor for the dogs. I hope we have another Two Dudes night again soon.

PS - I have learned to open doors. Haaahhhha (evil laugh) - all new trouble to come!

Alden's new favorite food.