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These Apples are Delicious

I like playing with technology.  I heard an apple a day keeps the doctor away. That sounds like a good plan to me. No more pokes!

Does Apple Care cover drool?

The blogger at work. /Alden

When Gums Attack - The Aftermath

In my last post I told you how I love to gum my Mom's chin while she is trying to rock me back to sleep. Well, I got her good! Check out my work in the picture below. At first she thought it was a bad make-up job, but when it wouldn't wash off, she figured it out! However, I won't be Gummy McGums for much longer. There's some sharp ridges on my lower gums!

Alden's gummy handiwork.

When Gums Attack!

I admit it. I explore the world with my mouth. I don't have teeth yet, so I just gum things. No one is safe! I love to gum Mom's chin and neck when she is trying to get me to sleep. That is especially funny at 4 a.m. She thinks I should just go back to sleep, but I think it is more fun to try to get her to giggle. Human targets are a lot more fun than teething toys. It's all about the element of surprise and the quick strike!

Playdate gum attack on Colin-H.

Gum attack on Dad!

6 Months (Belated)

Finally folks! Here are some snap shots from my 6 month birthday. Before you know it, I'll be 7 months! I spent the day hanging with my buddies Mira and Noah.

Alden is a rock star!
Mira sharing her blankie with Alden.
The rock star crashed after partying.

Adventures in Mobility

Hi there! Sorry it has been so long since I've last posted. I've been busy. I have lots of pictures to share, but I need Mom and Dad's help to get them off the camera.

At my 6 month well visit we learned that I'm now 18 lb. That means I doubled my birth weight. I've also grown 6 inches since I was born. Told you I've been busy!

My other projects include working on teeth (no, they haven't appeared just yet) and my top priority now is getting mobile! In preparation for crawling I've been practicing my cobra yoga pose and my plank exercises. I get up on all fours and rock. Sometimes that results in a face plant, but I'm getting stronger!

I can also use my arms to push myself around, especially if I'm on wood or tile floors. I'm learning how to get away from bath time and diaper changes --- hah-hah! Try to catch me!

Alden shows off his combo cobra/plank exercise.

Alden rocks on all fours.
More soon! /Alden