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Like the Big Kids

There's so much Christmas stuff going on here. Daddy has been so busy with Grandpa working on our Christmas lights. They went live on Sunday. Also on Saturday was the Christmas Parade. Mommy helped do set up and Daddy was the announcer. Alden and I stayed home with Grandpa and Grandma.

After the parade we went over to Miss Joni and Mr. Dave's  house to have a pizza party. I sat at the kids table like a big boy. No need for a highchair for me! I enjoyed playing in Paige's play kitchen. Alden enjoyed climbing into Brendan's top bunk - especially since Miss Joni told them not to play up there.


Here's My Belly!

I love my yellow and green blankies. They have holes in them. I love to dig my fingers into the holes. Mommy washed them yesterday and I knocked down the clothes basket so I could get to them and run around with them. I sometimes like to put them in my mouth.

We went to Marbles Sunday. I am really getting the hang of role-play and figuring out how stuff works. I pushed around a grocery cart and then rang up my stuff.

Tonight while Mommy was making dinner I grabbed a spatula out of the drawer and I tried to help her with the frying pan on the stove top. I was very upset that she didn't let me. So what if it is hot? How's a guy supposed to learn?

On Saturday morning, Mommy found me pant-less in my crib. I enjoyed taking them off and throwing them along with my blankies. It is a new trick!

I know my belly now. When I show it, I get laughs. I also get funny reactions when I lift up Mommy and Daddy's shirts and give their belly buttons a tickle.


Gobble Gobble

Grandma and Grandpa S joined us for Thanksgiving dinner. Alden helped Mommy make the desserts. He is really talented at spoon licking. I enjoyed putting my feet up on the table after dinner.

There is a new helicopter at the children's museum. Alden loved it. We couldn't get him out of it.

Today was my 18m well visit. Those things are such a scam. It starts out all nice. People are smiling and telling you it is ok to run around in your dipe. Then it ends with two shots and lots of screaming. I cannot believe Mommy participated in such a horror.  I am 32.75 inches tall (62%) and 26 lb 13.5 oz (85%). My doctor did tell Mommy that she is going to get us a referral for a speech therapist. Not sure what that all is about.


Everybody Jump!

On Tuesday we met our friend Maura at a trampoline place. It was so fun. Even the grown-ups were bouncing off the walls.

On Thursday we had a Thanksgiving program at school. Both Mommy and Daddy came to see us. 

On Friday we went to the SPCA. They were selling art that the cats and dogs up for adoption had painted. I helped Mommy pick out a painting for us.

We also went to open gym. Trent practiced his basketball skills. He really enjoys playing with balls.


The Great Imitator

I'm getting better and better at imitating and following basic directions. When asked, I can give a hug or a high five. If someone holds me up I can turn the light off.

I know how to use a hair brush. Yesterday I pushed Mommy aside and let her know I wanted to use the vacuum cleaner. It must be really important because she spends a lot of time with it.


All Hallows' Eve

Mommy and Daddy were sick on Halloween so Miss Joni had to take me Trick-or-Treating with her family. Mommy and Daddy were very upset to miss the fun. This year we all had Monsters Inc. costumes. I was Mike. Trent wasn't sick, but Mommy and Daddy didn't have the energy to put him in his costume. So that dude totally missed out! Daddy was going to be Scully.

Side note - I got the stomach bug on the Wednesday after Halloween and knock-on-wood, it skipped Trent. 

Mommy put a glow stick under Mike's eye ball so my costume had a wonderful green glow!

Mommy lets me have 2 pieces of candy after dinner every night. I never forget to ask for it. She uses it to bribe me to eat a spoonful or two of veggies. I am learning to hide them in cheese.

Mommy and Daddy left us over the weekend so they could go see Aunt Jenny marry my new Uncle Balex. I will show you a picture soon as Mommy can snag a good one without a watermark on it!


Birthday Cake

Last Tuesday we finally made my birthday cake. It was white cake with orange Jello poked into it. I loved tasting the frosting. Mommy thought she had some birthday candles, but she didn't. In a pinch, she snagged some tea lights from her jack o'lantern stash.

I received many fire fighter gifts this birthday: boots, rain coat, t-shirt, uniform, tools, and a truck. One of my tools is a tank and hose that really squirts. I still keep asking Mommy when I can try a fire extinguisher.

Mommy and Daddy were sick on Halloween. More on Halloween later.


One, Two, Three, FOUR!

I am four now! We went to the see the North Carolina mountains over the weekend. We did lots of Halloween stuff there, but I'll save those updates for later.

We left on Friday and stopped at Old Navy to get Trent and I new coats (in Charlotte). It was unseasonably cold  Then we got to our sleep place, Brevard.  On Saturday we did Halloween related stuff.

On Sunday we saw Miss Charlotte. She gave me some paints and clay for my birthday.  We also went to see a waterfall (my first waterfall). Then we made the long drive home. When we got home I opened my birthday gifts, ate pizza, and then I was forced into bed.

We haven't done my cake yet. I think we are going to do that tomorrow.


Grab and Go

More fun to report on. Last Monday we met our friends Evan, Nathan, Connor, and Audrey for library story time. After the story, the big kids ran around and splashed outside. Of course, my big brother was the one pulling up his shorts. He doesn't like to get wet.

I love, love, love, walking around fast, grabbing stuff, and then running around with it. There's so much to explore. Last Friday Alden had an art class. He made a clay monster face. I enjoyed grabbing the paint brushes, running out of the room, and opening the cupboard doors. Oh, and who can forget me grabbing at the paint bottles? Good times.

Yesterday we went to Marbles. I really enjoyed playing with the basketballs. I throw them and then run around. Mom thinks I'm going to be a team sports guy. Alden isn't interested in ball games.

Alden says he is going to be a firefighter when he grows up.


Down On The Farm

Last week my class went on a field trip to a farm. Trent and I both had lots of fun. We napped really hard when we got home (and I pretty much never nap anymore!).

Trent is walking really well now. He also started getting into the cupboards and taking everything out. Shoot, I had that mastered a long time ago!

Mommy went to a Halloween Art Show in Michigan on Saturday. That's one of her favorite things.

We've all had colds around the house, except for Daddy.


First Steps

What a week! Last Thursday I got a lot better at walking. While I have been experimenting for awhile, Mommy and Daddy have checked off my "first steps" box. I still have lots of practicing to do. 

On Saturday we went to the children's museum.  On the way there we saw some fire fighters putting out a brush fire near our neighborhood. Alden loves firefighters. We pulled over to watch. While Daddy and I played, Mommy and Alden went to see a 3D movie about fish. Mommy really enjoys taking Alden to 3D movies because he gets very excited.

For the first time at the museum, I got wild and excited about pushing around the toy lawnmower. It is cool!  Walking toys make sense to me now.

After that we went to a street art festival.

Alden still likes to go sneak into Mommy and Daddy's bed in the middle of the night. In the morning he wants to snuggle.

On a sad note, I'm in some teething pain.


Progress Notes

I'm not officially walking yet, but I'm getting closer. I'm the kind of guy who likes to practice and warm up before the big event. Last week Mommy and Daddy saw me walk a few steps between lawn chairs at the pool. Holding a hand, I can walk really fast.

Alden says he wants to be a firefighter when he grows up. He already knows how to spray things down.

Alden learned how to delete photos off an iPhone (he loves taking iPhone pictures). He asked Mommy who empties the garbage can when you delete things off a phone.

Mommy received Alden's first progress notes from school:

During Alden's first few weeks at school, we are glad to notice that he seems comfortable around his new friends and teachers. He also seems to enjoy exploring many learning centers while at school. We really enjoy having Alden in our class.
Alden is also enjoying learning about extreme weather like tornadoes and hurricanes. 


Labor Day is Not Lazy Day

We are very upset because we realized too late that we forgot to do a photo shoot with Grandma before she left. We won't do that again.

I thought that Labor Day weekend was for relaxing, but Mommy and Daddy used it to try to get lots done around the house. I cannot believe how much time we spend at Home Depot and Lowe's. Mommy and Daddy moved into their new office room. I helped them carry stuff and clean. Daddy showed me to to cut wires. I like trying out new tools.

When we weren't working around the house we went to the community pool. I've gone from walking around the pool to going into the pool. I enjoy it now. I owe it all to my swim classes.

Trent is getting really close to walking. Today at the pool we saw him go a few steps to get from one lawn chair to another. He still favors crawling.

I love playing with Play Doh. It is my favorite right now.

Mommy got me some Wacky Packages and Garbage Pail Kid stickers at Target. She loves stuff from the 80s. After we got …

Laughing and Splashin'

Guess what? Grandma J is visiting. We didn't get to our photo shoot yet so we don't have pictures to share just yet. We've been having a lot of fun, like eating ice cream and going to play at the children's museum.

This morning Mom, Grandma, the dogs, Alden and I met up with Paige and her family at the park. Alden has upgraded himself to the big kid swings.

I have a new hobby. I love turning on the faucet in Mommy and Daddy's bathroom. It makes me laugh so hard.

Mommy has two things she wanted me to post. She wanted me to post her two favorite things about being a mom right now so she doesn't forget when we are older.

1) She loves how when she comes home I look at her, smile, and coming crawling right towards her.

2) She loves that Alden still likes to be rocked at bedtime (I don't). He sometimes puts his hands in her hair like he did when he was a baby. It is happening less now so she is savoring it while it lasts.

Alden did great last week during his fir…

Kitchen Helpers

Our friend Miss Charlotte moved and we will miss her. We were very happy we got to hang out with her on Friday before she left. She gives the best piggy back rides ever. She also helped me with some really cool art projects. Our friend Miss Shannon moved to ECU. It is a time of new beginnings for them.

I am a good helper in the kitchen. Mommy showed me how to use a special mixer to make a carrot and mango juice drink. I got to put it in a really weird type of glass.

Tonight Mommy let me grate cheese for our dinner. Daddy won't let me use the cheese grater. Mommy warned me about watching my fingers. I came up with an idea all on my own to protect myself. I used some tongs to hold the cheese. Smart!

Mommy got a lamp today. Trent and I enjoyed dumping the packing peanuts all over and playing in the mess. It was worth the clean up!

We found a new kitchen table on Saturday. We went to some big woodworking metal shop place. There were a lot of interesting tools there. Mommy and Daddy sp…

I Like That Girl

On Saturday we went to my buddy Austin's birthday party. He turned one last month and his dad turns the big 4-0 tomorrow. They had a combined shin-dig to celebrate.

I got to have chocolate milk for the first time there. It was tasty. I enjoyed crawling in the pool with my clothes on. Miss Joni helped me walk around holding hands. 

Alden kept following a teen girl around. She helped Alden play with Austin's new bubble blowing leaf blower and Alden thought that was really cool. Alden would tell her, "get that kid" with the bubbles.

We had to leave the party for me to go home and get my nap on. During the stroller ride home, Alden kept asking if Daddy could take him back. "I like that girl" he told Mommy. She asked him why. "She's nice." "When I'm grown up I'm going to live with her." "When I grow up I'm going to marry her."

Too bad Mr. Romeo didn't get her name or number!