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Meet and Greet

We have been so busy! On Friday, my preschool had a field trip to a farm place called Green Acres. It was really cool. They had a lot of tractors to climb on. They also had a BIG sand pile with tons of toys to play with. I'll definitely be going back. Mom wasn't very fun though because she had a cold and hadn't had enough sleep. Doesn't she know we never give her a day off?

Then later that day, Grandma and Grandpa Stafford arrived. They greeted me first and then I let them meet Trent for the first time.

Trent is doing really well with his toys and is getting good at pulling them to his mouth.

On Saturday I took Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa to Marbles. Mom stayed home so she could clean and start putting up Halloween decorations.

On Sunday I got a new awesome garbage truck for pooping in the potty. I have just pooped in the potty once, because all I need at this time is just one new toy. I will not be bribed.  There are also promises of ice cream for using the potty, but I…

We Are Biology

Today I really miss Womb World. It was so easy back then. I hung out in my hot tub having every need met perfectly 24/7.  Now I'm stuck with all these weird happenings like bubbly gassy digestion and breathing. Breathing is very hard now as my brother gave me a stinkin' cold! Urgh! I'm so crabby. Since he was the first kid he got off easy on colds his first year and now I get stuck with all the preschooler germs he brings home.

Alden had a lapse at preschool last week. He started crying on the playground that he wanted to go home and take a nap. That's funny since Alden is the king of fighting naps and bedtime. Me, I want to nap on Mom or Dad if I'm not in the car seat or stroller, but I'm a great night sleeper. Anyhow Alden has a habit of napping or asking to nap when he needs comfort when he's left with someone he doesn't know well. He just wants to go hide in bed until it's all over. Anyhow, his teacher took him in and got him some water and he c…

Trainer Trent

On Saturday we went to some dog Olympics. Alden and I didn't think it was very interesting so we fell asleep in the stroller. Alden woke up during the police dog demo and he was crabby.

I'm working on my grasp. Mom will put a rattle in my hand and I'll grab on and wave it around. It is a great workout and my newest trick.

I'm helping coach Mom on her jogging. I give her some extra weight to push for a bonus challenge. I smile at her to keep her motivated. Today we went to a park for our group training session. There were a lot of other Moms there. Dad and Alden went to the play ground while I watched the blue sky and leaves go by from the stroller.


Trent's Crib

I've been doing great at preschool. I don't cry anymore and I know Mom will come to pick me up "in a little bit." 

We got a cool new stroller over the weekend. It is so Mom can jog with one of us. She is training for something called a 5K. The other stroller was just too heavy!

Today Mom pushed me in the stroller with the dogs. We went down the road where they are building a building and working on the street. It was so fun to watch the construction dudes. There was an excavator digging and putting the dirt in a dump truck. There was also a cement pump truck. You don't see those often.

We finally took some pictures of Trent's nursery. Over the long weekend Dad and I went to Lowe's to get a light plate so now his room is all done. Now that the pictures are done, I can go mess it up!