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Snow Daze

What a week. It snowed again and we got two days off school and one delayed start day. We went sledding. Trent didn't like it. One of my favorite things was coloring snow with food coloring.

We had a party day today. First we went to Aqua Tots for swim school. I complain about it but Mommy makes me go. I hate the backfloat. Mommy says it is important for me to be safe in the water. Then we went to the natural history museum to see an exhibit on dinosaurs. For lunch, we had hotdogs at the famous Roast Grill.  After that we tried a new doughnut place. Mommy still likes cupcakes better.  

At nighttime we went to my classmate Julia's birthday party. It was at a bounce house and very fun. More junk food!


From San Fran Fun To Snow

We had a lot of fun in San Francisco. Last week it got icy at home while we were away. We returned to cold and ice. We couldn't go to school on Wednesday. Public schools had the whole week off. We were able to return on Thursday (delayed start).

I am working on sight words at school. I was able to read a book to Trent to prepare him for nap time yesterday!


New Heights

I climbed my first "mountain" today!

More later!


The Laundry Never Ends

On Saturday we went to see a movie at the IMAX. It was about a guy who went down the deep sea in a submarine. We didn't keep our 3D glasses on, but we did watch it.

That night, Mommy went out with the Jaycees. Miss Molly came to hang with us. So did Brendan and Paige because Miss Joni and Mr. Dave were going to the Jaycees thing too. We had pizza. Alden got in trouble for hiding Brendan's DS (video game). Alden ended up getting sick and puking on Mommy and Daddy's bed, on the carpet, and in Mommy and Daddy's toilet. Mommy wasn't too pleased about that.  The next day he was ok, but Mommy is not letting him eat dairy for a few days to see if that has any impact.

Mallory ate a box of 64 crayons and Mommy wasn't too happy about that mess either. Now she has colorful poop.

On Sunday Mommy was really happy with us because we actually got along and played for a bit. It gave her time to catch up on some laundry before I leaked poop in my pants. More laundry!

Mommy was …

Academic Matters

Mommy went to see Alden's teacher last week for a conference. Miss Christin gave him a rave review. He listens well, stays put during nap time even though he doesn't sleep, plays well with others, and is showing progress in pre-reading. His growth opportunity is writing.

Alden's classroom has a behavior chart and Alden typically ends the day on the highest rank, the Smiley. They collect Smiley points for prizes. Alden is tied with another classmate for the most Smilies.

Alden is practicing writing. He can write "Alden" by himself and can write "Stafford" if he can look at it already printed.

I am messing with Mommy and Daddy's minds. My daily reports show I eat my veggies at school. However, no parent has witnessed this. Truth?

On Saturday  Mommy and Daddy took Alden to Blue Man Group. I heard they had fun. I got to veg out and watch some Octonauts at home.

We didn't watch the Super Bowl. We were too busy running back downtown to retrieve an E…