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Jump, Jive, an' Wail!

Hello out there! Tomorrow is a big day for me. I'll turn 5-months old! While you wait for my official 5-month pictures, I will update you on my last week.

I love my doorway jumper. I'm a crazy bouncing little dude! This must be where the term "bouncing baby boy" came from!

Jump and Jive!

Mom and Dad made me go shopping with them yesterday. One thing I hate is being tired, bored, and strapped down in my car seat. Sometimes it gets to be too much and I need to let the world know how frustrated I am! Waahhha!

An' Wail!

My first St. Patrick's Day was fun despite Mom being frustrated that she couldn't find any shamrock shakes. Mom dressed me in a green top with overalls that have tools on them. Alden Contracting at your service! Alden Contracting is your destruction and drooling job specialist. Mom and I visited Miss Michelle so I could pull on her green necklace.

Shamrock Buddies
I now weigh 17 lb 2 oz. I'm growing fast! Mom was given the green light to star…

News Flash - We Have Rollover

Associated Baby Press

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC - Alden was found this morning in his crib on his tummy. His mother reported she put him down to sleep on his back. Alden has finally rolled over from his back to his tummy. Alden was in good spirits and was proudly working on a significant pool of drool. When asked what motor skill he intends to master next, Alden replied "sitting up."

That's How I Roll...and Splash!

Hey all! Last time I told you how I have learned how to roll from my tummy to my back. I've tried to be really crafty and elude the cameras around here, but dad finally caught me on his phone. So for your viewing pleasure here's me rollin'!

I'm working on rolling from my back to my tummy. I think I'll have that down in the next week or so.
I had a big first today, my first time in a swimming pool. Mom and I are taking a class called "Aquamoms and Babies." I did really well. Soon I'll be showing off my backstroke. Mom learned she needs to bone up on her nursery rhymes. There's some singing in the class and mom making up lyrics isn't going to cut it in class.
Alden Splashes.

Ahoy Matey! It's the pirate of the locker room!
Alden, out. Arrr! 

4 Months and Rolling!

Can you believe another month has gone by? Last Saturday I turned 4 months.

Grrr baby yeah! Alden celebrated his 4-month b-day in his Grizzy coverall.
I had a huge accomplishment today! I rolled over from my tummy to my back for the first time. Mom has been encouraging me by singing "Rolling, rolling, rolling, get those babies rolling..." I've spent weeks training for this event including lots of time on my baby turntable.

"You Spin Me Right Round (Like A Record)"
As you can see from the picture, I am really enjoying my drool hobby. I also like to blow raspberries, make spit bubbles, and babble.
Last week I got to try out a circa 1950 baby scale while at Miss Nicole's house for a play date. Her scale has been used on 3 generations of their family. I was very honored to take a turn on it. It said I am 16.5 lb. My Mom is looking forward to my doctor's visit next month to see what her scale says. I am not looking forward to going back to that crazy place …