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Monster Mash!

Hello all! It's my birthday! I'll be officially one in just a few hours (7:31 a.m.). I totally partied like it was my birthday ALL weekend. Grandma Linda came down to see me. On Friday we went to a pumpkin farm to take some pictures. I enjoyed laughing at the goats. I also got to eat cake during the pictures. That was awesome. I LOVE cake.

Saturday was my Monster Mash party at The Little Gym. I've included some pictures below for your viewing pleasure. I am very thankful for all the wonderful friends I have made this year.

After the party I took a spin in the wagon Grandma and Grandpa Stafford got for me. On Sunday I helped Mom and Dad put up some Halloween lights and pick out some more pumpkins. They keep talking about carving them. I'm looking forward to this weekend to see what all that is about.

The gang got this party started!
Alden loved being in the middle of the parachute.
There was plenty of bubbles and cameras (Aunt Sue working the video).
A cake that says GRR…

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Everywhere!

Hello out there. I've been very busy lately. This month I took two trips, one to Michigan to see family and the other to New England to enjoy fun Fall and Halloween activities. Here's a summary of my many adventures in pictures. We had fun, but it's so good to be back in my own crib!

October Birthday Boys - Alden with his Great Grandfather (Alden upset his nap was delayed). Chesaning, MI.
The best pumpkin farm we found, Johnson's. Saginaw, MI.
Remote and Oreos - Makings for a relaxing evening. Warwick, RI.
But it was already leaning! Salem, MA.
Too tired to count pumpkins. Keene, NH.
Mmmm, doughnuts! Burlington area, VT.
Alden's first ice cream experience. Waterbury, VT.
Working on his learner's permit. Boston, MA.


First Haircut

Alden realizes they can't reattach the hair that's been cut.
 Well, I'm switching it up.  After having hair styled after my cousin Nick, I'm going for a bit more of a Trevor look these days.  This week I experienced my first haircut and I'm in no rush to do it again.  They screwed me out of the relaxing scalp massage that Dad says is great.  Mom said she gets a nice beverage with her cut.  All I got were some stale animal crackers !   I guess it beats having Mom chop at me with Dad's electric razor/trimmer.  I don't think I was helping their marketing department voicing my displeasure while I got my lovely locks trimmed nice and short for my 1-year-old pictures that are coming up.
I had a busy weekend - wait till you hear about the farm we visited ! - I'll need to talk Mom into letting me use the computer again so I can share more pics from that - it was WAY BETTER than the hair cut shop.
Now - where did my styling gel go ? -Alden