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Hi all - something wonderful happened on Sunday. I've told you before that I hate being strapped down in my car seat only to be forced to stare at the seat in front of me. Finally Mom and Dad upgraded me to a more roomy forward facing car seat! What a great surprise. I clapped the first time I rode in it. I like staring at the gadgets on the dashboard and all the lights at night are really cool.

We went to James' first birthday party on Sunday. Everyone brought something to put in a time capsule that he will get to open 18 years from now. We brought him two Mac magazines so he can laugh at the primitive technology of 2010.


Cupboard Exploring

Things are back to normal - I'm well past my stomach bug now. I erupted a new bottom tooth last week. I now have 8 teeth in my bright smile.

One of my favorite hobbies is cupboard exploring. First I open the cupboard. Then I take most of the objects out before moving to the next door or drawer. Sometimes I even carry my findings around the house. I'm still after the elusive china hutch. I get stopped everytime I get near it, except for over the weekend I got a head start and broke my first plate. Milestone!

Last Saturday we went to a new toy store. I had lots of fun pulling stuff off the shelves. I dumped over a cup of markers and then clapped for myself. I'm funny!

On Sunday we boarded the Klem "party van" and headed up to Elianna's to help her celebrate her 1st birthday. I love a good party. There was new toys to get into and CAKE!

Hanging with the birthday girl

Unintended consequence of cup training

Not So Great Second Halloween

I am very proud to say that I was never sick my first year. My second year? Well, that's a different story. The very day after my birthday, I came down with a stomach bug. I don't like it at all. As if that wasn't enough, the nurse at the weekend pediatrician's office called me Aiden.

I'm almost over the bug now but it did put a damper on my Halloween. I didn't enjoy the pumpkin carving party for the Jaycees on Friday. I missed my friend Megan's party on Saturday.  I slept through most of trick-or-treating.

On a happier note, I enjoy driving around the neighborhood in my new blue truck. Beep, beep, I'm on my way! I also love watching airplanes and making the airplane sign when one flies over.

Being Birthday Boy is hard work.
This photo was not posed.
All he needs now is the kickin' speakers and the neon underbody kit.
Scary bones. /Aiden Stratford