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My Life As The Test Subject

On Friday Mom took me to a child physiology lab Duke University. I got to play a game there with a nice lady. I had to pick one of two tools to push a toy out of a tube. The trick was one tool was floppy and wouldn't work. I didn't let that fool me. The nice lady took my picture and timed me. I quickly figured out what I had to do. I really impressed Mom and the lady. When I was done they gave me a free t-shirt.

On Saturday I went to Zander and Megan's joint birthday party. My favorite thing was trying to climb the side of the staircase. I love doing that. For some reason Mom kept pulling me away. She wasn't too happy when I kept trying to go explore their garage either.


What's in a Name?

Mom and Dad are so proud of me. I can say my name now! I say it like Aldie sometimes. I'm also really good at saying Elmo. Elmo is so cool. I'm a big fan. I like his friend Coo-coo (Cookie Monster) too. I love watching Elmo and garbage truck videos on You Tube. I share my crib with Elmo and Coo-coo, but each of us has our own blanket.

On Tuesday Mom took me to a Stretch-n-Grow gym class. I had lots of fun and I've shared some pictures below.

On Friday Mom and I went to visit Will and Ellie, our twin friends who are now 4 months old. I'm sure I impressed them with all of my toddler moves. I showed Ellie how I can put real car keys into a model car.  We went for a walk and saw  a really cool digger. Will was too hungry to be interested though. Soon enough, he'll understand just how fascinating heavy equipment is. Mom took some pictures there, but they didn't turn out very well.


Hanging With the Fam

I'm tired. I'm beat. It's time to get some zzzz's. I had another busy week. On Wednesday I had my first parent-free Miss Kelly's preschool class. I wore the awesome t-shirt Miss Sarah gave me when she came to visit. She found it at Meijers. Grandma saw her holding it, not recognizing it was her. Grandma went up to her to find out where she had found that really cool shirt and then recognized it was Sarah. They both knew it was so me. 

Over the weekend Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Jenny, and Aunt Kat came to visit so the house was buzzing. They brought me some really fun goodies from their Alaska trip. Grandpa had a shirt with a moose on it and I used it to help me practice saying moose. Grandma and Grandpa hung out with me Saturday night so Mom, Dad, and my Aunts could go out. The real fun is with me of course. Unfortunately we forgot to take a family picture before Aunt Jenny left.

Dad made a music video for work and I love watching it over and over again. I yell DADA …

Toddlers Celebrate Labor Day Two

I had a week and weekend of epic proportions.

Wednesday was my first day of Miss Kelly's Preschool. There are 8 of us in the class. The other kids names are James, Colin, Ryan (the boys), McKenna, Megan, Bailey, and Campbell (the girls). We are all either two or will be two before or in November. The two assistants are Miss Tina and my very own Miss Charlotte. Mom got to come to the first class, but after that it's just us toddlers with our teachers. The topic for the class was school buses. We sang school bus songs, read a school bus book, painted school buses, and ate school buses. That's right, we ate them and they were delicious! They were made of graham crackers, with yellow cream cheese, mini-Oreo wheels, and teddy graham riders. Miss Kelly knows how to serve up the toddler gourmet.

Wednesday evening I had Little Gym. Yes, the Little Gym school year has started too.

On Friday Mom and I went to the science museum with Miss Joni and Paige. I loved riding the train aga…