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Domestic Chores (Payin the Rent)

This week I give you a little peek into my weekly chores.  With the new little guy around, Mom and Dad are too busy to keep up with cleaning the house.  I'll have to do this for a couple more years until my apprentice takes over.

In case you haven't noticed, I also like to point out at random intervals that Trent has no teeth !

Too Much Change

Alden  Hello there - there is so much going on at our house that we can barely keep up with it.  The day before Trent was born I graduated from Miss Kelly's Young 2's Preschool. I needed that educational background to help me cope with all this craziness!

I'm not sure how I feel about being a big bro yet. It has been great having more of Dad's attention, but I'm frustrated that Mom doesn't have a lot of time for me now. I'm struggling with expressing my feelings to her. I've told her she could go back to work or go hide. Maybe then things would be more normal! Sometimes I push her away to test her; I need to know she still loves me.

Trent doesn't do much, but at least he is harmless so far. I like to touch his head.

One of our neighbors, Cannon, cuts our lawn. I think he's pretty old, like 16 or something. He always takes his shirt off when he is mowing, so now when I cut the lawn, I know I need to take off my shirt too, just like Cannon.

I a…

Officially a Big Brother !

Not sure if you heard yet, but I'm now a big-brother!  Trent Adam Stafford (I still call him Nub) was born last week on Thursday, May 31st at 2:59pm.
I'm way too busy to write a whole lot this week, but thought I'd show you some pics of me meeting him and bringing him home to live with us.
Trent got Alden just what he had been hoping for - A Yellow Garbage Truck!
Alden and Dad carrying Trent out into the "Real World - Cary, NC" Edition
"...and then I'll teach him how to roll the garbage cans down the driveway..."
Alden and Trent's first car-ride together.

More later - /alden