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Everybody Jump!

On Tuesday we met our friend Maura at a trampoline place. It was so fun. Even the grown-ups were bouncing off the walls.

On Thursday we had a Thanksgiving program at school. Both Mommy and Daddy came to see us. 

On Friday we went to the SPCA. They were selling art that the cats and dogs up for adoption had painted. I helped Mommy pick out a painting for us.

We also went to open gym. Trent practiced his basketball skills. He really enjoys playing with balls.


The Great Imitator

I'm getting better and better at imitating and following basic directions. When asked, I can give a hug or a high five. If someone holds me up I can turn the light off.

I know how to use a hair brush. Yesterday I pushed Mommy aside and let her know I wanted to use the vacuum cleaner. It must be really important because she spends a lot of time with it.


All Hallows' Eve

Mommy and Daddy were sick on Halloween so Miss Joni had to take me Trick-or-Treating with her family. Mommy and Daddy were very upset to miss the fun. This year we all had Monsters Inc. costumes. I was Mike. Trent wasn't sick, but Mommy and Daddy didn't have the energy to put him in his costume. So that dude totally missed out! Daddy was going to be Scully.

Side note - I got the stomach bug on the Wednesday after Halloween and knock-on-wood, it skipped Trent. 

Mommy put a glow stick under Mike's eye ball so my costume had a wonderful green glow!

Mommy lets me have 2 pieces of candy after dinner every night. I never forget to ask for it. She uses it to bribe me to eat a spoonful or two of veggies. I am learning to hide them in cheese.

Mommy and Daddy left us over the weekend so they could go see Aunt Jenny marry my new Uncle Balex. I will show you a picture soon as Mommy can snag a good one without a watermark on it!


Birthday Cake

Last Tuesday we finally made my birthday cake. It was white cake with orange Jello poked into it. I loved tasting the frosting. Mommy thought she had some birthday candles, but she didn't. In a pinch, she snagged some tea lights from her jack o'lantern stash.

I received many fire fighter gifts this birthday: boots, rain coat, t-shirt, uniform, tools, and a truck. One of my tools is a tank and hose that really squirts. I still keep asking Mommy when I can try a fire extinguisher.

Mommy and Daddy were sick on Halloween. More on Halloween later.