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Can I Touch His Hair?

Happy Spring everyone. Here are some highlights of my past week in pictures.

The best thing about swim class is playing in the lockers.
The second best thing about swim class is the toys
I enjoy using my pirate towel. It has a big skull and cross bones on the back.
I enjoy helping unload the dishwasher. No one in the house appreciates this though. Just try to lock me out of it! Hah-hahh!
My hair really sticks up after a hair cut. At Lilly's Pizza, some woman came up to Dad and I and started calling me Dad's Mini-Me because we have the same cut and hair texture. She even asked if she could touch my hair. Ladies cannot resist me!
 I enjoy playing in sandboxes. I'm good at scooping sand into containers.
Mom is really excited that her daffodils are in bloom. I took some pictures by them on St. Patrick's Day. I'll share those photos later.
Till next time,

Jekyll and Hyde

Sometimes I have a difficult day, a day when things don't go my way and the adults around me don't get it. Like Friday when I got mad at Mom for taking the wrapper off my muffin. I wanted to do it! She totally ruined it! Friday afternoon was just that sort of time. It got better when Mom and I went over to Jessica and Charlie's. I got explore their place, pet their bulldog, and show off my charming side (and sign language). Best of all, they fed me pizza. Mom is now calling me Jekyll and Hyde.

PS - Friday night our hot water heater started leaking. Yesterday I had to take a shower at Mom's work. How weird is that!? Hopefully we'll have hot water again tomorrow.

Best pizza friends. More!

Tangle with spray-on sunscreen.

Nothing Runs Like An Alden

Here is a list of some of the cool things I've done lately.

Mom and Dad caught me feeding the dogs on my own. I've watched it so many times that I knew I could do it. I closed the door, took the top off the dog food container and started scooping. Mom and Dad rushed to help. I don't think they trusted my dexterity. Alex and Mallory didn't mind!I saw a Best Buy ad for some smartphones and I put my hand to my ear like I was talking on the phone. I know what those are!I go into the closet and get the broom and mop on my own and I clean the floor.I have fun sticking my hand on the small vacuum cleaner while Mom vacuums the stairs. Suction is funny! It makes me laugh (unless it is the bigger scary vacuum).I tested out yard tractors at Home Depot. I like tractors. When I'm asked where the key goes, I can point out the ignition on the tractors. Test drive!
A great helper. /Alden