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Eggstra Easter Fun

Dear Friends and Family:

This belated Easter greeting
Comes across the miles today
To let you know you're thought of
In the very warmest way.

Yesterday I did my very first Easter Egg hunt! At first I wasn't sure of what I was supposted to do, but soon I caught on.

Collecting eggs.
 Dumping is more fun than collecting!  Vacuuming up the mess.
PS - Happy Birthday Da! 

Lil' Chef

What's cooking dear blog reader?

Saturday was a great day. I received two Easter surprises in the mail all the way from Michigan. I cannot wait to get my new clothes from Quinn, and Grandma and Grandpa dirty!

We went to the toy store. While shopping I really enjoy pulling things off the shelf. They had a push car to ride on and it helped me get into trouble 53% faster! Mom has a nickname for me: Destructi-Mo. We didn't leave the store empty handed - I got a kitchen set! Whoo-who!  I, Chef Alden, can make even greater culinary masterpieces now.

I helped Dad install the kitchen. I have mad screwdriver skills. I was really upset because they then made me take a nap. After I got up from my nap I found out I slept through a big storm. We were ok, but some places around us had scary things like hail and tornados. After my nap I went back to cooking in my kitchen.

Destructi-Mo attacking the water bottle display.

Black and Decker? Make way for Stafford and Stafford!

Top Chef - Tod…

Michigan Adventure

Here's a recap of my trip to Michigan last month in photos.

Alden loved seeing the chicks and ducklings at Tractor Supply.
Look at these clutch handling skills (Mid-Michigan Children's Museum with Grandma).
Learning how to stop the leaks with Grandpa.
Hugging a cutie. (Alden and Hailie).

Train and flashlight time with Quinn.
Passed out at the end of a long travel day.
I had an action packed weekend. On Friday we went to the Marbles Children's Museum with Zander, Evan, and Megan. After we had Greek food al fresco and we got to watch big buses go by. I love big buses.

On Saturday we had dinner with Brendan, Paige, and their parents. I enjoyed eating Paige's food more than my own. After we went to their house for CAKE! I loved getting into Paige's kitchen set. I'm hoping for one of my very own someday.

Yesterday I wasn't in a good mood and I got dragged to the Farmer twins baby shower. How boring - it's all about babies but nothing fun for a toddler.  I wasn…

Neil Diamond. No!

Hey out there! So much has happened lately. Mom and I went to Michigan and had a lot of fun. I'm too tired to post those pictures now, so I'll do that later. I have a cold and I'm not feeling my best.

Last week I had a sad good-bye. My friend Kristi used to hang with me while Mom and Dad work. Sometimes she'd  bring my friend Evan with her. We'd have all sorts of toddler adventures: bubbles, riding in the double stroller to the park, cabinet raiding, ball throwing, double diaper blow-outs, timing our naps separately, you get the picture. But now it's my turn to share Kristi with other kids. She's a teacher-in-training starting today.

I have a new friend now named Charlotte. I get to show her all my tricks and talents.

Speaking of talents, I showed off a new sign to Mom and Dad. Last time we were grocery shopping Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" came over the speaker system. Dad started signing along. He foolishly thought he could get me to join…