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I Make Going Out to Eat No Fun

I am trying to teach Mom and Dad that I don't like going out to eat. They keep trying to take me out, and I keep showing them why it's not a good idea. Thursday they thought they had a good idea. I like pizza and they took me to a pizza place. I wasn't in the mood to waste my time in a silly restaurant. I dumped Mom's water. The staff was very quick to clean it up. Then I ran around and crawled on the floor until I was taken outside to look at more interesting things. When will they learn? It's funny when Mom and Dad have to eat alone while the other entertains me.

On Friday Mira came over. I hadn't seen her for a long time. We tried to go to the park, but we weren't there for long because it was too hot. Friday night we went to a toy store and I picked out an Elmo stuffed monster. He helps me take naps and go to bed now.

On Saturday we woke up and it was rainy and windy. Mom told me it was all because of some Hurricane Irene. After my nap we went to Bren…

Locks, Garbage, Beetles, and Bowling - All in a Weekend's Work

I, Toddler Houdini, mastered the Safety 1st child locks in the kitchen. I could open them faster than Mom. Then the most horrible thing happened. Dad upgraded the locks to another kind. I pull on them and cry because I don't know how to open them yet. 

On Friday, we met up with Elianna and her Mom at the Natural Science Museum. I loved it. I love snakes and they have a lot of them there. We went to story time and we got to see a real corn snake, just like the one we met in Saginaw. They also had a Madagascar Hissing Cockroachwhich we all touched. Elianna and I also played with Bess Beetles. Mom cannot believe all the stuff she is touching now that I'm around. I'm really expanding her horizons.

After the museum we went to Elianna's house and we saw the coolest thing. The recycle truck stopped right in front of her house. Not only did they pick up the recycling, but they ran the compactor too. It was so awesome.

On Sunday I tried bowling for the first time. I must be a…

Planking and Hungry, Hungry Mutts

Let me share with you some of my morning routine. I wake up, talk to myself, and take a peek at the book Mom or Dad has left in my crib. Sometimes I make a stink in my dipe. When that all gets old, I start hollering. Mom or Dad comes to get me. I get a fresh dipe and dressed.

We go downstairs and I feed the dogs. They sit the in doorway while I play around with the scoop. Dog drool can be a hazard with this job.  Then I start whining for breakfast. Typically I have drinkable yogurt and toast. I get the bread out of the freezer myself. I can also put the bread in the toaster if someone lifts me up. I love to say "POP" when the toast is done.

PS - One of my new words is "ice."


Great Literature

We went to the library last week and I found the best book ever. It is called "I Stink!" It is about a garbage truck and how he likes to eat stinky trash. I had Mom and Dad read it to me like 30 times over the weekend.

I am very interested in garbage trucks and big garbage containers. I love to point at them and say "gar."

 I like to help throw stuff away. Sometimes the adults around me don't like that much. They should just be glad that I like to help

Spikes and Tattoos

Hello there. The time draws nearer to when I'll start preschool with Miss Kelly. She had another pool party on Friday for us all to meet each other. Two of my Baby Steps friends will be in the class. James enjoyed chilling in the pool. Megan liked to play in the water and splash a lot. I liked staying out of the pool and dumping water in a out of toys. My friend Colin will be in the class too.

On Saturday Mom decided my hair was getting too fuzzy and she had a coupon so we went to get my haircut. Dad forgot to put me in shoes but they didn't realize that until we were already there (of course I didn't remind them - heh-heh). Mom ran off to hunt for cheap shoes and Dad hung with me for the hair cut. Since it was him, I decided to play it cool and enjoy the suckers without fuss. At the end of my styling, the woman gave me a faux-hawk with green gel. It went really well with my snake tattoo.

All the adults keep talking about some "debt ceiling budget" thingie. I…