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It's Party Time, Excellent!

Another big week of milestones for us.

Trent is really good at crawling now. He can get places very quickly. He likes to talk while he is exploring. He is very interested in pulling on cords, just like I was. He is constantly grabbing at things.

He has two new bottom teeth. That's a total of 8 now, 4 on the bottom and 4 on the top. No wonder he was crabby the other week.

On Thursday we went to Paige's birthday party. She has the same birthday as Daddy. Trent had cake for the first time (homemade strawberry). I loved it. I had one cupcake at home and another piece at home before bed. Trent enjoyed pulling on the giant helium balloon just like I did at a party when I was his age.

On Saturday Mom spent a lot of time at the Spring Daze Arts and Crafts show. The Jaycees had a photo contest there. Dad had a mountain of mulch delivered. He cut the lawn and then some neighborhood big kids came over and helped trim trees and spread the mulch. Mom showed me how to use little pruners an…

Beach Baby

Hi all! We had an adventure to Myrtle Beach this weekend.  It was for a Jaycees golf outing. We left on Friday night. There was a scary thunderstorm during the drive. We had to pull over for a bit because it was too hard to see.

On Saturday I learned our friends Miss Joni, Mr. Dave, Paige, and Brendan were there. Daddy and Mr. Dave went golfing really early. The rest of us went out for breakfast. The weather wasn't very nice for beach stuff so we went to a children's museum. Later, I took a nap while Paige and Brendan played in the pool. Alden was invited but he didn't want to leave Mommy. After my nap we went to play pirate putt-putt golf. We went to another eat place for a buffet and I let people know there I was over being kept up past my bed time.

The best part was crawling after rolling golf balls in the hotel room.

We came drove on Sunday. We stopped so everyone could pee or get their diaper changed. Alden refused to participate. Of course, he decided he needed to p…

Expo Bonanza

Did we ever have a big week!

I had blood drawn for an allergy test. I did great. I didn't cry or fuss. Mom was super proud of me.

Trent's sound making has come so far. He is babbling and talking like a big baby. Breaking news - he also learned how to crawl forward. He gave us a sneak peak at the beginning of the week and by the end of the week he was going fast. He's hinted at working on stairs next.

We went to a show called Farm Days at NC State. We saw animals and sat on tractors. I held a baby chick and it pooped on me. Mom thought that was just cause to cut in line at the hand washing station.

We had a play date with Claire, Brady, and Cody at a bounce house. We loved playing in the hurricane simulation machine. We didn't even notice that you need to put $2 in it to make it work.

Sunday was the annual Touch a Truck show. As much as I like trucks, I was a bit clingy. It is overwhelming and loud. The horns scared Trent so Mom had to carry him. We were sad that the h…

The Shark Cage

Alex is still getting better from his surgery. He has a ramp in the backyard because he cannot go down stairs. This evening I enjoyed getting to paint on it. He also has to be in his kennel all day. I like to pretend it is a shark cage.

Thursday Mom drove me, Trent, Miss Joni, Paige, and Brendan to go see Elianna, Miss Karen, and their new baby Mira. Mom never thought she'd EVER be driving a mini van with four kids in it. It was weird to see Trent as the big baby. It is strange to think that not that long ago Trent was Mira's size.

On the way back I took Mom's phone and blew up our Dropbox account because I took over a 100 pictures.

On Saturday Mom and I went to Claire's second birthday party. Dad stayed home with Trent because Trent decided he needed to nap through it. I had my first experience with a pinata. It was awesome. All parties should have one. 

Sometimes I like to push Trent in his stroller. He is changing quickly. He is doing more babbling. He is also get…

Happy Hoppy Easter

I have now experienced my first Easter and what a joyful season it is. I was also fortunate enough to turn 10 months on the big day.

Grandma and Grandpa J and Aunts Kat and Jenny came to visit us. We colored eggs with them. Alden showed off his potty training skills (still a work in progress).  Grandpa showed Alden how to find black jelly beans in ears.

Alden is very stubborn when he doesn't want to go to bed. Me, I just roll with it and get my much needed rest. Alden won't stay in bed if he hears activity going on downstairs. He was also distracted by our Aunts sleeping in the play room. On Easter he was up until midnight. Mom texted the Easter bunny to tell him not to come. But she was nice enough to text him the all clear at 1 a.m. once she knew Alden was deep asleep.

On Saturday Mom and Alden took a cooking class together. Alden got to use a real knife for the first time. He enjoyed the class. The best part was the refrigerator that is go big you can walk in it. Alden ev…