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Toddler P-A-R-T-Y

This weekend we went for our first bike ride. I have my own trailer which gets hooked up to Mom's bike. I think biking is ok. I like going fast, but I don't like waiting around while Mom and Dad get ready and I'm not so keen on the helmet. I do think it's pretty funny when Mom has to figure out how to get up a hill hauling me. She better be working on her fitness. I'm not getting any smaller.

On Saturday I hosted a cookout for the Baby Steps gang. At first I was annoyed that Mom wouldn't let me get out certain toys with all the visitors there (like the real screwdriver I use to fix my toy laptop)...but soon I got into the party. I cannot wait for our next get together. Best of all, we got an updated picture. Mallory didn't like it though. She was stuck in the bedroom barking all night because Mom and Dad didn't want the doggies around all the tots.

Biker Alden.
 Previous Baby Steps Picture (August 2010). L to R: Alden, Megan, Lexi, James, Connor, Ava, M…

Hail to Pitt

I had quite the weekend. Friday morning Mom and I went to a pool party to hang out with my future classmates in Miss Kelly's Young Two's class. Yes, I will be starting preschool this fall!

Then we got on a jet airplane (I read all about them in my airplane book) to Pittsburgh. Jet airplanes have engines that go around and around (I can make the motion with my fingers). We went to go see my Aunts and Balex. It was a special weekend because Aunt Katie recently got her MS from the University of Pittsburgh. I'm not quite sure what she's mastered, but it sounded like a lot of work.

I had a lot of fun Friday night staying up late and playing with a toy lawn mower and record player. I also played with Lola the cat. She's so fun. I gave her her ball and I fed her. I also enjoyed playing with her fishing pole.

On Saturday we went to the Pittsburgh Children's Museum. We got to walk through Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood.  Did you know it was filmed in Pittsburgh? I had…

Your Toddler: 19 Months and 1 Week+

Today was graduation from my "Birds" Little Gym class. This August I'll start in the "Beasts" class. Dad got some pictures on his phone but he's too tired tonight to help me get them uploaded. Today I will share with you my "info" at 19 months. I also had pictures taken on my 19 month birthday (May 27).

Interests: cars, airplanes, helicopters, sweeping, mulch, sandboxes, climbing, drooling, opening containers, keys, general mess making, pretending to drive cars, garbage trucks, snakes, cell phones, pointing out Mama and Da, and checking out tractors at Home Depot

Dislikes: strollers, car seats, high chairs, sippy cups, bibs, hair washing, naps, waiting, being constrained, and veggies

Words: car, gar (as in garbage), mama, da, blue, no, more

Favorite Sign (Sign Language): drive

Favorite foods: bread and cake

Favorite drink: whatever Mom has

Recent milestones: hanging on bars, starting the car (and knowing which key to put in the ignition), asking for Mama…

The South's Warmest Welcome

Hey y'all! I spent my Memorial Day weekend exploring some of the Gulf Coast. I had many fans there; several Southern ladies made the point to tell Mom and Dad that I am precious and adorable. 

We stayed in Gulfport, MS. I surprised Mom and Dad by taking the car keys and starting the car. I still love "driving" the car!

I was a bit offended that they set up my Pack N Play in the hotel bathroom.

It was really hot! We saw fish jumping out of the water as we dined at the Blow Fly Inn. I have no idea why the fish would want to jump into the air when it's so hot!

I wasn't interested in swimming in the ocean. Those waves are intimidating.

Here's a few photos from our adventures.

 A rocking airplane! (Children's Museum, Gulfport, MS)
A game Alden already knows. (Hard Rock, Biloxi)
A Lil' Boy making a mess of a Po' Boy sandwich. (New Orleans)
Alden's first time in the ocean. (Biloxi, MS)
Shrimp boats. (Biloxi)
The Sailfish's newest shrimping captai…