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Going Viral

At least my NOSE is better now. Yesterday morning I had some spots on my belly. Mom didn't think they were a big deal so we headed to meet my friend Molly at Marbles. Later Mom noticed I was itching. She pulled up my shirt and discovered HIVES. So we quickly ate our lunch and headed to the walk in pediatrician office AGAIN.

Waiting was awful. We were in there for over an hour and Mom kept telling me to stop touching stuff. "Everybody here has germs!" Trent was crabby because he wanted to be napping. Finally we got to the back and the doctor told us my ear still looked a little infected and it looks like I have viral hives. They sent me home full of Benadryl and I passed out in the car.

I still have the hives, but the Benadryl stops the itching. Mom has some pictures of my hives on her phone, but I will spare you the gory here.

In better news, Trent's teeth are bigger and he's gone from a gummy to a toothie smile.

I went to the dentist for the first time last week…

The Pink Stuff

Last week wasn't that great. The house has been full of coughs, crabby people, congestion, and runny noses.

On Tuesday Alden was very crabby. At dinner time he started screaming that his ears hurt. So Mom left me with Miss Shannon and took him to the after-hours pediatrician. I heard that he cried and fussed the whole time he was in the waiting room. The office stuff was chuckling about it.

He was diagnosed with an ear infection and sent to the pharmacy to get some pink syrupy stuff.

On Wednesday Mom and I went to UNC. They had me be a part of a hearing study to see how infants learn in the presence of distractions. It started out ok, but then I got fussy. Mom fed me and they tried again, but I had enough of that sound booth. We left but we have another appointment soon. I got my first paycheck out of it, a whole $15!

On Friday I had a fever and I threw up again. I have been throwing up about every 3 days. I also had a rattle when I breathed. So away I went to the doctor. I was …

Temper, Temper

I have a cold. It is making me crabby. My nose is running and running.

We went to Miss Karen's yesterday and did a Jaycees Valentine's Party. We made cards to take to people at a rehabilitation home. I didn't like the lunch Mom and Dad had offered so I was hungry and I kept asking for food but it wasn't a food party. Can you believe that?

After we went to Zoe's, our Sunday night dinner place. I didn't want to wash my hands. Then I didn't want to leave the bathroom. I was fussing and being loud and whining. Mom and Dad were getting upset which just made me more upset. They said it was no way to act in an eat place.

Well our food comes, and Dad's looks better than mine. So I say mine is yucky and steal some of his pitas. Then I tried some of my chicken and it was yucky so I spit it out. Mom ran to get a take out container. She put my dinner in it. I started hollering. She said we had to leave because of how I was acting. Trent was being all cute and innoc…

Volcanoes and Taxes

Quick recap since we last posted. Trent turned 8 months. Mom cannot believe how old he is getting. A third top tooth is popping out.

We made our first volcano at home using vinegar and baking soda. I was a bit nervous at first. I've been reading about those things in books and I know they EXPLODE! However, I learned the home versions are just fine.

Speaking of volcanoes, Trent can do a pretty good impression of one when he spits up. That kid had an emergency bath tonight. Good one Trent - you figured out one method of delaying bedtime!

Last Wednesday was really warm. The park was packed. Mom put Trent in a swing for the first time. He didn't like it as well as his jumper.

Mom came into my preschool and read about garbage trucks.

I enjoy playing pretend now - like pretending to deliver mail around the house or that our couch is a boat. I also must open all mail that comes to the house. Mom and Dad told me I cannot open anything that says "tax" on it which made me re…