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Laughing and Splashin'

Guess what? Grandma J is visiting. We didn't get to our photo shoot yet so we don't have pictures to share just yet. We've been having a lot of fun, like eating ice cream and going to play at the children's museum.

This morning Mom, Grandma, the dogs, Alden and I met up with Paige and her family at the park. Alden has upgraded himself to the big kid swings.

I have a new hobby. I love turning on the faucet in Mommy and Daddy's bathroom. It makes me laugh so hard.

Mommy has two things she wanted me to post. She wanted me to post her two favorite things about being a mom right now so she doesn't forget when we are older.

1) She loves how when she comes home I look at her, smile, and coming crawling right towards her.

2) She loves that Alden still likes to be rocked at bedtime (I don't). He sometimes puts his hands in her hair like he did when he was a baby. It is happening less now so she is savoring it while it lasts.

Alden did great last week during his fir…

Kitchen Helpers

Our friend Miss Charlotte moved and we will miss her. We were very happy we got to hang out with her on Friday before she left. She gives the best piggy back rides ever. She also helped me with some really cool art projects. Our friend Miss Shannon moved to ECU. It is a time of new beginnings for them.

I am a good helper in the kitchen. Mommy showed me how to use a special mixer to make a carrot and mango juice drink. I got to put it in a really weird type of glass.

Tonight Mommy let me grate cheese for our dinner. Daddy won't let me use the cheese grater. Mommy warned me about watching my fingers. I came up with an idea all on my own to protect myself. I used some tongs to hold the cheese. Smart!

Mommy got a lamp today. Trent and I enjoyed dumping the packing peanuts all over and playing in the mess. It was worth the clean up!

We found a new kitchen table on Saturday. We went to some big woodworking metal shop place. There were a lot of interesting tools there. Mommy and Daddy sp…

I Like That Girl

On Saturday we went to my buddy Austin's birthday party. He turned one last month and his dad turns the big 4-0 tomorrow. They had a combined shin-dig to celebrate.

I got to have chocolate milk for the first time there. It was tasty. I enjoyed crawling in the pool with my clothes on. Miss Joni helped me walk around holding hands. 

Alden kept following a teen girl around. She helped Alden play with Austin's new bubble blowing leaf blower and Alden thought that was really cool. Alden would tell her, "get that kid" with the bubbles.

We had to leave the party for me to go home and get my nap on. During the stroller ride home, Alden kept asking if Daddy could take him back. "I like that girl" he told Mommy. She asked him why. "She's nice." "When I'm grown up I'm going to live with her." "When I grow up I'm going to marry her."

Too bad Mr. Romeo didn't get her name or number!


Mr. T's First Haircut

Mommy loves to call me Mr. T.

Now that I am 14 months old, Mommy and Daddy decided it was time to get my first haircut. I didn't cry or fuss at all. I had my first lollipop and it was very nice. I will sit still as long as there is an awesome treat involved.

I love my yellow blankie. It has holes in it that I love to push my fingers through. I chew on it. I prefer to lay on it - not under it. I feel more comfortable when I snuggle up to it at nap and bedtime.