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Halloween Eve 2009 - Alden Style

Hey everyone ! - It's your favorite 4 day old with a daily dose of infantile news.

While Dad slept sound in his slumber, I made sure Mom kept watch over me *All Night Long*... Then at 9am, just when I thought the whole 'medical' aspect of this birthing deal was over, today was my first visit to the Pediatrician.  We got to the office on time - the OLD office that they moved from back on the 26th.  We filled out 30 minutes worth of paperwork, that Dad left on the kitchen table.  I ate pretty well in the morning, before knowing I'd have to wait over 3 hours before I would get to eat again.

Moral of the story :
Check your destination still exists where you think it doesNever let Dad be responsible for documents any more important than a Char-Grill burger order-slipEat now, you can never be too sure where your next meal might come from Dr. M laughed when she went to check my lungs, she said she could tell from my ear-piercing screams that they were just fine.  Dad took me out …

Home Sweet Crib

Big day today folks, I'm home chillin at my crib (literally) like a suckin and stink-tootin villain.

Had a pretty good final night at Wake Med.  Mom got a pair of 2-hour naps while Dad snored on the couch.  When it got bright outside, people started coming in and talking about 'discharge'. - I thought they were referring to my noxious gassy-fumes, but I guess they meant we were going to get kicked out of our room soon.  (Gotta make room for my future buddy J.M.B, that is due just about any day now)

No sooner did Mom get her lunch, and they told Dad to go get the car-seat. - I've been told it's a Stafford tradition to log about as much time in a car-seat as out of one.

Got my 5-point harness : Let's pull some G's

I asked Mom to ride in the back with me to point out landmarks so that I can help Dad find his way home when he gets lost going to work or Chic Fil A. - I hear he's not great with directions...

Mom joining me in the back for the ride home...

Safe at…

Day 2 - A retrospective.

Hi all, Alden here with a brief update on my excitement from today...

3am : I guess my Mom & Dad (especially Dad) like to sleep at this time. I think it's the perfect time to make the wetness strip on a diaper change color, scream uncontrollably for 20 minutes even after I'm changed and then grab a late-night snack.

8am : Dr. V the OB swung by to give me a preview of my schedule today. He used lots of big words that made Mom and Dad cringe with sympathy for me. I found sleeping during the day is a great way to pass the time.

Dad's first night of sleep deprivation..

Noon : Dad went to go get Grandma Jezewski, and while Mom rested some hospital people wheeled me down the the nursery. Holy Ouch! - Vaccine pokes, glucose screening jabs, and worse. We'll talk about this part over a drink sometime... I felt much better when Dad met me at the nursery to take me back to meet Grandma Jezewski.

In the arms of a pro: Grandma Jezewski & Alden

1:30pm - I'm pretty cool with t…

Summary of my life so far (Day 1)

Well, I'm not sure what to make of this whole 'world' thing that you guys have all so kindly welcomed me into.  I thought I'd share a pictorial summary of what I've been up to since this morning...

Background:  I gotta say, it wasn't too bad when I just hung around comfortably in Mom's belly. - I had food, warmth, even the sounds of Alex & Mallory barking at squirrels.  It was a good gig except for those pokes & jabs from the ultrasound machine...

Kristen at 9 months (with Alex)

I decided to get this show on the road at 2am on Monday morning.  C'mon, it's dark in there - not like I 'knew' I was ruining Mom's sleep. - I thought she was sitting still watching 30 Rock.  When Dr. V checked on my progress at 9am, boy did I have him fooled ! - He actually scheduled an induction for Friday. Hah - I have places to go and people to meet !

After wiggling around and trying to convince them to head to the hospital for most of the day, I finally…

Hello World

27-Oct-2009 7:31am.  9lbs.0oz.  19 3/4 inches long
Alden Thomas Stafford
and his incredibly proud
Mom & Dad are all doing perfect !