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10 Months!

I'm into double digits now! I turned 10 months on Friday. Mom took me to get my pictures done. The photographer was really funny tossing stuffed animals around. In the afternoon I went over to Megan's house. We chilled up in her awesome playroom. Zander came over too. He's already one and walking.

On Saturday I went to Brendan's Star Wars birthday party. Mom and I shared a cookie. Dad was  really impressed how big my bites are already. I was a big boy, sitting proud at the kid table.

At 10 months I enjoy: pulling wires, chasing cats, putting heat registers out of their holes, unraveling toilet paper, putting everything in my mouth, playing peak-a-boo, pulling up on and wiggling baby gates, banging on things with my hands (for example, windows and toilet seat covers), wrinkling magazines,  drooling, pulling things out of drawers and cabinets, pushing and pulling things off shelves, and climbing stairs.

I dislike: diaper changes, getting my hair washed, the sound of a…

My Party Weekend

What a great weekend I had! On Friday, Mom took me to a playdate at Miss Nicole’s house. It was wild and I mean really wild. You know how it is when you have 6 kids under 5 and a cat in the same room. There were lots of toys and chaos. I enjoyed chasing that cat! Of course it wouldn’t be a tot party without lots of crying and a pee-pee pants accident (not me, silly, I still wear dipes).

On Saturday I attended my first Pig Pickin’ at Conner’s house. It was good to get together with the Baby Steps gang again. We turned the living room into a baby mosh pit. Things are a lot more interesting when we get together now, as we are on solids and some of us are crawling. There was the typical party stuff: drooling, diaper changes, and spilled drinks. I enjoyed eating fruit from the buffet table. For some reason, Mom didn’t share any of her rum cake. The parents tried to get a picture of us lined up on the couch, but we weren’t too cooperative. What else would they expect from babies that can ro…

Driving on my learners permit

Guess who's back with a brand new track... Video-track that is ! - Here I am driving my truck up and down the hallway while Mom pushes me:

This week was pretty crazy.  Dad was hopping around cities all over the eastern United States and Mom and I were stuck to take care of my dogs all by ourselves.  Alex is being weird, barking to let him in and then running away when we go to the door. - Dad thinks that he learned that trick from the teenage neighbors that lived by Mom & Dad's old house? (Don't ask me ! - I wasn't around yet.)

We were all very excited to get Dad home on Friday but we were pretty tired too.  While we were taking a nap on Saturday, Mallory decided to dig out under the fence yet again.  While Mom and I started to circle the house to look for her, some walkers told us that the same nice family that Mallory had gone to visit a couple months ago had her again.  When we got there she was panting and out of breath and acted all innocent on the leash back …

Baking, Blazing, and Boiling in August

Hello out there! It's sure been a hot summer. The weather people are saying this will be one of the hottest years on record. I do my best to keep cool. On Friday Mom was silly enough to let me have my Nuby cup by myself in the backseat. Let's just say I cooled things off with a little water. What I didn't expect is that I would be forced to change my outfit! I hate outfit changes.

I've learned how to stand for a few seconds on my own.

Here's some snap shots from my week.

Alden's nod to Aunt Katie's alma mater. Look at those teeth!
Alden and Dad showing off their matching VMwear.
Mohawks and towel chewing make for tub time fun.

9 Months - Catch Me If You Can

I turned 9 months old on Tuesday. I gave Mom a real challenge in taking my picture. Now that I'm mobile, I don't have time to sit around for picture taking.

On Friday I had my 9 month well-visit. I'm now 28.5" tall and 20 lb 3 oz. Not bad for a guy who came into this world at 19.5", 9 lb. The doctor had to get out the more advanced scale since I'm too wiggley for the little baby one now. Mom was really proud of me for doing so well with my shot. After the doctor, my Friday got much better. We headed over to a playdate with Elianna, Paige, Brendan, and Maura. Then we went to a consignment sale where I got a toy drum and antique toy camera. The camera is the film type - totally old fashioned.

I loathe diaper changes and getting dressed. I just don't have time for it and it is cold. I wiggle, twist, and squirm to get away. I'm often successful. My caretakers need to be fast, creative, and very good performers. I do like some good "This Old Man&quo…