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The Reflux

We have been doing so much lately! Last week Mom and I went to my first theater movie. We went with some of our Baby Steps friends. We saw Rio. It was about singing birds. Towards the end I wanted to leave (time to get on to other things like looking for dumpsters), but Mom bribed me to stay with yogurt pretzels. Mom was so proud that me and my friends made it through.

We also had a scary storm. We lost power for a few hours and a tree in our yard got knocked down.

Trent has been crying and fussing in the evenings. Mom was thinking it was a nursing problem, but it kept getting worse. He will arch his back and cry while he is eating.  Over the weekend Mom  took him to the doctor. That was great because then I got Dad all to myself.  Now he's on some reflux uh-oh tummy medicine. We hope it helps.

Today Mom was struggling to feed Trent. He was crying and I started crying saying "Mommy play with me" over and over again. I just wanted her attention and it was so annoying that…

Keep on Fussin'

Hi there - Trent continues to fuss in the evenings. Mom and Dad still say he is much easier than I was. It's really annoying because I get less attention because someone always needs to soothe him. At least I don't have it as bad as the dogs. They really get the short end of the attention stick. Tonight Mom was playing some relaxation CD for Trent. The voiceover says weird stuff like "Sleep is good. You are safe." Dad was making fun of it but Mom likes it because it reminds her of a day spa.

I got to bed late last night because it was thundering. There's no way I'm going to bed during thunder. I wanted to stay in Mom and Dad's bed but they didn't let me.

Speaking of thunder, it and its friend lightening almost ruined my golf day with the Jaycees. When we got to the golf place it started raining and lightening. We had to stay in the car until it stopped. I kept asking Mom if we were safe. Once it was safe to leave the car, I enjoyed Miss Joni helping …

Fussy Town

Trent will be 7 weeks old this Thursday. The dude used to be more quiet, but some evenings he is now crying and being fussy. We don't really know why. All his needs appear to be met. Mom calls those type of evenings "Fussy Town."  Mom and Dad tell me I was much, much worse when I was a newborn. I don't remember!  I don't like it because when Trent is fussy Mom and Dad split up at bedtime. Dad usually stays with me and Mom goes to try to calm Trent. In the good old days I had the full attention of both!

It is very hot now. If we don't go to the park in the morning we get stuck indoors. At the Farmer's Market on Saturday I had the face painter put a snowman on my face just to help me feel cooler. We go to the Farmer's Market almost every Saturday. I love to eat goat cheese and crackers there. I haven't found a cheese I don't like yet.

I also love to help Mom and Dad clean on the weekends.


*Baby on belly in crib for photographic not slee…

Mommy's Little Firecracker

As I mentioned last time, Grandma and Grandpa Jezewski and Aunt Jenny came to visit me last week.  I loved how I was able to charm them into being human bassinets. Nothing like a good cuddle nap!

While I was sleeping in my car seat, we went to a tent to buy fireworks. Alden has a complicated relationship with fireworks. He is scared and fascinated with them all at the same time. Dad got asked for "quiet fireworks" because that is what Alden had requested (this was while Mom went to Old Navy to look for "step-down clothes" --- whatever that is).  Dad got some simple fireworks and colored smoke bombs. Alden liked the smoke bombs but the other fireworks were a bit scary cause they were loud.

On the 4th, it was really hot. We went to a parade in the park by our house. Miss Joni organized it. Kids from our neighborhood decorated their wagons, bikes, and strollers to be in it. Alden rode in his wagon while I hitched a ride on Mom. When it came time to pose for a picture,…

Trent is One Month

Hey there - Trent here. I'm one month already! Mom and Dad helped me "celebrate" by going to the doctor today. I can think of a lot better ways to celebrate! Urgh! My idea of a good time is a full belly and a peaceful nap on someone's chest. That mean doctor poked me in the leg and then gave me a boring plain brown band-aid. Boo!

I weigh 12 lb 4 oz now which puts me at the top of the charts. It is amazing given I was 8 lb 15 oz at birth. Look at me grow.

Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Jenny are visiting so I've been suckering them into letting me sleep on them. While I was  napping they put together Alden's big boy bed. Before he just had a mattress on the floor so he's really styling now. He even got new choo-choo train sheets.

Alden has discovered some Mickey Mouse show and he loves it. He wants to go to Florida to find Mickey. 

We'll have LOTS of new pictures to share soon. Everyone is too tired tonight to help me get the pictures downloaded from the…